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~ What is Everlasting Unity Art?

Firstly it's a ceremony.  One that can be used for weddings, Christenings, naming days, same sex commitment ceremonies, Renewal of vows.  Similar to sand ceremonies, candle ceremonies, wine ceremonies it focuses on two people and two families becoming one.

This is how it works.....On this website you choose a major art piece and you choose your colours.  You'll receive approximately 200gm each of two colours (for the couple) and about 100gm of each colour for the extra people represented.  They could be children, parents or special friends.  Don't forget you can add a millefiori paw print to represent the important fury baby in your life.  I send the beads to you, mostly within a week but a month's notice would be great as every bead is hand cut and made by me.  I also send a laminated photograph of a similar piece to what you have chosen so you can display it on your wedding ceremony table and family and friends will have a better understanding of what you are doing.  Your celebrant will ask you to combine the beads and will explain the symbolism of what you are doing.  I will have included a prepaid satchel for the return of the combined beads.  Your mum or bridesmaid just need to pop it into the post while you're enjoying your honeymoon.  About three to six weeks after receiving your beads your art piece will be ready to collect from my studio in The Gap, Brisbane or I can post it to you for an extra $45 you'll see when you check out. All the other postage is included in the Major Art Piece cost.   If you're outside Australia please email me for an accurate postage quote on all three postage.

~ How does the ceremony work with Christening, Naming days and Family commitment ceremonies?

Just as it does with a wedding ceremony, the parents pour for them and for their child, or a grandparent may step in.  Once your family is complete you may like to have a celebration, as simple or as formal as you like, and declare your commitment to your family unit.  Each member chooses a bead colour and combines them.  It will be a daily reminder for the whole family of their place in that family unit.  Love it!!

~ Can I have the Art Piece without doing the Ceremony?

Yes.  You can choose the art piece and colours the same way and I create it for you and post to you.

~ Do you send me the vases to use at my ceremony?

No.  If you like the ones displayed on my website I can give you a link to where I purchased them.  A lot of people buy vases from the normal stores and use them at home after the ceremony.  Lovely champagne flutes would look great too with the added bonus of using them for some champers too.

~ I Like the Heart in the Shadow Box but would like a simplified shape instead.  Can I do that?

Yes.  It would be a bespoke piece and as such would attract a higher price but if you email me with a request I can tell you if it's possible within the realms of glass and give you a price.

~ Will my art work be unique?

There will absolutely not be another like yours.  Each story is unique, it tells the story of you.  The use of different colour combinations also make them a one of a kind, as does the fact they are hand crafted by me.

~ What happens if it breaks in transit?

Firstly I take great care during the wrapping for postage process.  A lot of my love goes into each and every piece and I want you to receive it in one piece.  Typically the largest of pieces along with some small gifts use 700-800 handmade beads.  I give you a lot more than you need, more so that your family and friends can see a reasonable pouring ceremony.  The excess beads are really on loan, so to speak.  I hold on to them till I know you have received the art safely and then the rest goes back into the studio.  In a case of breakage I have a lot more I can use.

~ Can I have a refund if our ceremony is cancelled?

Sorry but no refunds.  I am however happy to create an art piece that does not have the attached ceremony to it.

~ Do I have to be careful with the beads when I get them?

They are glass but having accidently dropped about 200 hundred of them on my porcelain studio floor three times (I'm a slow learner! I washed them and dried in a tea towel which I forgot about until I went to dry something else up.  I can tell you they bounce!! ) I wash them when I get them back as I can't kiln contaminated glass.


~ Can I have a colour different to what's on the website?

Email me with your request and I'll try to help.  My beads are crafted from large sheet glass and so I am restricted by what sheet glass is available however new shades are coming out all the time.  I will endeavour to keep the bead colours up to date with the changes.


~ Can I just get the little hanging heart or the little platter?

No, sorry.  They are offered at a greatly discounted price for you to purchase along with your major art pieces.  They are made from the same beads you combined during your ceremony and are created after the major art piece is completed.


~ How did you decide to make Everlasting Unity Art?

I was approached by a bride who wanted something different to a sand, candle or wine ceremony.  She and her partner love glass art. A number of glass artists turned her away before she found me. The idea had me intrigued.  I thought of using frit, ground up fine glass, but after experimenting with only three combined colours it was easy to see that I would end up with a dark sludge.  My signature pieces for over ten years have been to use handmade glass beads.  A trip to Venice made me fall in love with millefiori, an Italian glass rod cut into tiny beads.  These beads could only be combined in a kiln with a prohibitively expensive sheet glass.  And so I came back to my studio and started making beads.  They also suit the concept of telling a couple's unique story, an original concept.  In each art piece, except for the suspended heart,  I place each person's beads separately and then have a small offshoot from their colour to represent a child (or other family member).  Then on the other side I combine all the colours to represent the uniting of a couple and their children in a new family unit.  I have never seen this done before and I am so excited by the process.  My first bride mentioned she wanted to include a colour for their dog Saki as he was an important member of their family and they had nearly lost him earlier in the year.  I came up with the idea of adding a special millefiori paw print to include their furry baby in their family side of their platter.  As I make the art pieces, placing each individual bead on a kiln shelf with tweezers, I visualise the members of the family and I feel honoured to be part of the artistic remembrance of their special day.




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