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My glass life journey to Everlasting Unity Art has been a varied one, but once arrived, an inevitable one.


What started in the late eighties as a career leadlighting private homes, businesses and churches continued through the next decade in my own teaching studio imparting knowlege of all things glass.


As an author in early 2000 I was glad to pass on to a wider audience my love and experience in glass mosaic and design. Swiftly following the book began my love affair with slumped and fused glass, which along with all of the above still captures my imagination.


It was a chance encounter with a couple about to be married that changed my direction. They told me they had been turned away by other glass artists which only served to pique my interest.  They wanted something unique for their special day. They asked me was there something they could combine during their ceremony and have made into an art piece for their home. This opened up a whole new thought process. How to tell their unique story.  I was contacted in early February and they were to be married early April so I had to move through concept, design and creating process with great speed.


A love of millifiori (Italian glass rods known as "a thousand flowers"), discovered on a trip to Venice, inspired me to come home and create my own glass beads. I have been using these in art pieces for some years.


As a natural progression for the unity art, I devised a way of intertwining these beads surrounded by backing glass to tell the progression of life each couple have been through to find their new union.  We launched Everlasting Unity Art in July 2014.


When Nic, my husband and I married, he had two children from a previous marriage and I had three. I wish I had been able to represent us and our children in such a unique and lasting way of remembering our special day and allowing them to be such a personal part of the ceremony. As most new couples we thought of having a child of our own, but with our family of five we decided to adopt a furry baby, a burmese cat who is still with us 20 years on. That is why I have created the ability of including a glass paw print to represent a very important member of the family.


When making these bespoke art pieces I love to think of each person through the artistic placing of their own uniquely coloured beads and radiating my love and belief in their new family unit. I feel honoured to tell each individual story.


Making these pieces, I’m caught up with each unique and individual love story!


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