5 Easy Steps


It's easy to get started creating your unique glass art piece. Simply follow these 5 easy steps:



1    Choose


Browse our gallery to select your feature art piece



Visit our Gallery to have a look at our selection of designs. Click on the product you’d like to buy.

We are adding to our range all the time, so keep checking back. If you can’t see a design you’d like contact us to discuss options and prices for bespoke designs to meet your needs.



                                                                                           2     Customise


                                                                               Personalise your design by choosing glass

                                                      colours, glass paw prints for your furry

                                                      friends and any additional gifts



On the product page, you can choose the customisations you’d like. Choose your glass colours and any additional gift pieces.


If you’d like something different to the available colour options, please contact us to discuss the possibility, new colours are being added when available.


Complete the forms and enter your ceremony and delivery details, then pay for your order safely using PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email after paying.



3     The Ceremony


Donna makes and sends glass beads to you to use during your ceremony



Back at the studio, Donna makes your glass beads by hand, using your glass colour choices.


Donna then sends the glass beads to you for use at your wedding ceremony. She also sends a little finished hanging heart and a photo of a similar art piece to the one she will make you (both on loan for you to display on your celebrant's table to show friends and family what you are doing/getting after the wedding).


During the union, the marriage celebrant will invite you to combine the glass beads. They will explain the symbolism of two people becoming one/two families becoming one.  The choice of colours and their combination artistically tells the story of two lives becoming one.


Pouring vases are not included. Couples have used champagne flutes, vases and glasses to pour from and into.



                            4     Send


                                                                                              Post the beads back to Donna using the

                                                      pre paid envelope she sent with the beads



After the ceremony, return the combined glass beads to Donna (in the postage paid envelope she sent to you with your beads) along with the hanging heart and photo (on loan for the occasion).


The glass beads from your ceremony will be used to create the Everlasting Unity Art piece as per your order specifications. Donna will painstakingly place each tiny glass bead to create your unique design. Allow 3-4 weeks from when she receives your beads back in the post, to the completed art piece.


When your order is ready, you can pick it up from the studio at The Gap in Brisbane at no charge or Donna can send the item to you (courier charges apply).



5     Enjoy!


Enjoy the gorgeous art piece in your home made from the beads you poured on your special day in front of family and friends.  Your first family heirloom!



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Contact Everlasting Unity Art’s artisan Donna Cains to discuss how to timelessly capture your special moment.




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